Statement on Marxism

by W. M. Brown


Anarchists ultimately oppose the socialist theory of Karl Marx (including Lenin and Trotsky) because following and applying the principles of Marxism always leads to centralized authority and power.  Whether that is under centralized state socialism/communism or centralized state capitalism, the end result is that a select few always end up having authority and power over the many.  In essence, replacing capitalism with Marxist socialism/communism is simply exchanging one exploitative, oppressive master for another.

As history has proven time after time, centralized state socialism/communism and state capitalism do not work.  Centralization always has, and always will, result in the people suffering under totalitarian rule, corruption, crushing economic living conditions, and the total eradication of democracy and freedom.

Centralized socialism/communism utterly destroys everything socialism and communism really stand for ... equality and a truly free and democratic society under self-rule without an authoritarian ruling class.

Anarchists advocate for a decentralized socialist society for real freedom. Freedom from the exploitation, injustices and inequality under capitalism and freedom from the oppressive domination and authority of the state.  We believe that working class people have the will, intellect and ability to govern ourselves through worker councils, voluntary associations, federations and collectives. 



Freedom – Equality – Solidarity


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