Moving Towards Anarcho-Socialism

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Many people are curious as to how we can globally move from an economic system of capitalism to socialism. Many anarchists refer to the following books as reference sources:

Since these books were written around a century ago, some people find it difficult to separate the underlying principles from the dated settings and examples used by the authors. 

The World Socialist Movement, like anarchists, oppose any form of statism and capitalism while advocating for a decentralized socialist society under the direct democratic control of the working class. While we may differ on the utilization of a political party to advance our principles and agenda, we share an overwhelming amount of common core beliefs.


Part 1
How We Live

Part 2 
A Highly Adaptable Animal

Part 3 
Class in Society

Part 4 
Socialism As We See It

Part 5 
How to Achieve Socialism - No Minorities

A World Without Money - Is It Possible?

What Socialism Means


Freedom – Equality – Solidarity


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